Slogan on importance of raksha bandhan

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Importance of Raksha Bandhan

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Short Paragraph on Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan traditionally celebrated in North India has acquired greater importance due to Hindi films.

Lightweight and decorative rakhis, which are easy to post, are needed in large quantities by the market to cater to brothers and sisters living in different parts of the country or abroad.".

Slogan On Importance Of Raksha Bandhan. You are here: HomeĀ» Words Essay on Raksha Bandhan Words Essay on Raksha Bandhan By Randhir Singh on July 29, in English Essays Festivals are the celebration of togetherness the celebrations of being one of the family. Festival of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one such major occasion.

It is the celebration of brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is known by various names: Vish Tarak--the destroyer of venom, Punya Pradayak--the bestower of boons, and Pap Nashak--the destroyer of sins.

Rakhi in History The strong bond represented by Rakhi has resulted in innumerable political ties among kingdoms and princely states. Raksha Bandhan is mainly celebrated in India, this important festival also holds great important for all religions including Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains in other parts of the world.

Also known as Rakhi or Rakhi Poornima, as it falls on the day of the full moon. The festival is celebrated on Shravan Purnima which generally falls in the month of. Actually, Raksha Bandhan is a festival of North India, but considering its importance, people throughout India celebrate it according to their wishes.

Like other festivals celebrated in India, Rakshabandhan is also celebrated with great fanfare. Raksha Bandhan, also Rakshabandhan, or Rakhi, is a popular, traditionally Hindu, annual rite, or ceremony, which is central to a festival of the same name, celebrated in parts of South Asia, and among people influenced by South Asian culture around the world.

Slogan on importance of raksha bandhan
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Short Paragraph on Raksha Bandhan - Important India