Geostrategic importance of pakistan

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China–Pakistan Economic Corridor

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What is Xi doing to the world?

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Legal Doing Business in Pakistan Contributed by MR LEGAL INN. Pakistan is a growth-focused market with high potential for economic progress. Until today, Pakistan maintains a geostrategic position on the world map with a rich trajectory of natural resources backed up by talented human capital of over million people.


China–Pakistan Economic Corridor

Boundaries of Afghanistan. Afghanistan, the seventh largest landlocked country in the world in area (, km 2) is delineated by a boundary some 5, km long, over which it has never exercised more than partial is surrounded by four countries: the USSR on the north (2, km of common boundary), Iran on the west ( km), Pakistan on the south and east (ca.

Geo strategic importance of pakistan by Shafiq -UR-Rehman 1. 22 January GEO-STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF PAKISTAN 1 2.

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Shafiq -Ur-Rehman Lecturer Of I.R 3. WHAT IS GEO-STRATEGY? GEOGRAPHICAL DESCRIPTION OF PAKISTAN GEO-STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF PAKISTAN 1. PROXIMITY OF GREAT POWERS 2. GATEWAY TO CENTRAL ASIA 3. STRENGTHS International humanitarian and financial support; Geostrategic importance of Yemen at the entrance of the Red Sea; Architectural and cultural heritage.

It is common sense for a country (regardless of the political ideology of its people) to unite on issues of importance regarding national security and national interests.

Geostrategic importance of pakistan
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